Location of Your Wedding

In Napa Valley,  there have been many problems with booking your wedding at different locations.  In 1999,  Napa County  decided to close down all the private locations and wineries that did not have permits to do weddings…  They also decided to give stiff fines to people who continued to book weddings at locations that did not have permits.  We went to a county meeting and presented a packet with information showing that Sonoma County was bringing in  $80 million per year just on weddings alone.   However,  the board in Napa  put their foot down and said no to weddings in Napa County.  This hurt a lot of vendors, and property owners etc.  Basically most caterers moved their business over to Sonoma County as well as florist and wedding photographers.

Now,  here we are in 2014,   and I have heard through the grapevine that several wineries are up an running with weddings again.  This is very good news for all concerned.

A little tip,  anyone in Sonoma County can have a wedding as long as it meets their county code, which is much more lenient than Napa County….




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