Looking at Local Wineries Having Weddings

I talked with a person who is high up in county government this weekend, and asked how Clos Pegase winery starting having weddings again.   A few years ago, they were the first to be stopped by the county for having weddings at their winery.  They had a neighbor who would run into the winery during a wedding in her night clothes and rant and rave about the noise.  Finally the county shut them down for any future weddings. From then on, several wineries fell under the knife,  as well as almost all of the private venues around the Napa area having weddings on their property.

Now, word is out that Clos Pegase is having weddings again and have a web site up advertising same. I asked how this had happened and how they were able to start the events again, and she told me that they were “grandfathered in” and that most wineries do not want to have weddings at all due to problems with brides, although most are able to….

Possibly this is due to the fact Clos Pegase was recently purchased by a very prominent, well known owner of another winery and restaurant etc. I consider this good news only if the ban is lifted for others to also have weddings besides the “special events” that they already are able to have.  It seems they are only prohibited if someone wears a “white dress” during the event…     Crazy as that sounds….

Stay tuned, more to come…..


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