Recently i was told by a prominent county person that the reason the county was not giving permits for weddings at wineries in Napa was

that wineries did not want nor like having brides/grooms and their wedding parties on their property.

Interesting news,  since i own a Bed & Breakfast in Calistoga,   and upon greeting my new guests that check into the Hacienda,   and

since i am booked most of the time,  i always ask the new guests what brought them to Napa Valley…..

I would say about 60%  of my guests are here for a wedding in the Napa Valley at a winery.

To say that wineries do not want weddings at their venue’s  is to keep your head in the sand….  of course they want the money

that weddings bring in.  Also the weddings brings in all their guests who stay at hotels,  eat at restaurants,  visit hair salons,

visit wineries and buy wine and stay for more days than just the wedding itself…..

So wake up Napa County,  and start giving permits and collecting the revenue that they are loosing that Sonoma County is collecting……..


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